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Tucked away in the corner of Suffolk there is a Georgian House like no other. For behind the doors of this very elegant house you will find a family of the most adorable little girls. This is the home of Dolly Treasures.

Now of course they do not live there all alone…Oh no! They live with their Mummy, Eileen. Since the day of her very first adoption, these little girls have got into Eileen’s heart and her life has never been the same. She now has over thirty girls who fill her days with sweetness and sunshine. Being an artist these girls have become the perfect muses, and for her own amusement Eileen lets them get up to what ever they like!

In doing so, Eileen is able to capture them in the most delightful scenes whilst they fill their days with mischief! Baking cakes, tumbling down the stairs, even swinging from the chandelier! The imagination of these girls know no bounds!