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IMG_2490Name – Brony

Adopted From – Erregiro

Hobbies – Pony riding

        About – Brony is a little ray of sunshine and spreads happiness wherever she goes. She loves the Summer Holidays when she takes her sisters for pony rides around the garden.


Name – Frida

Adopted From – Meme G

Hobbies – Cross Stitch

About – Frida likes to study languages, she can speak Latin, French, German, Spanish and Korean. She is now learning Russian as when she grows up she wants to be a spy for MI5!

IMG_2503Name  – Sparrow

Adopted From – Honey Tree

Hobbies – Feeding the birds

About – Sparrow is very sweet and gentle just like a little bird. She is very good at whistling and she likes to help around the house, tidying up after her messy sisters!

Name – Suki IMG_2517

Adopted From – Supa Bon Bon

Hobbies – Animal rescue

About – Suki is very thoughtful… she is always happy to help and puts others before herself. She once saved a kitten that got stuck up a tree!


Name – Chun Li

Adopted From – K-Baby Dolls

Hobbies – Acting

About – Chun Li has a very big heart and is very sentimental! She loves to visit her Grandad in Hong Kong and one day she would like to be a moviestar!

Name – TiramisuIMG_2528

Adopted From – K Baby Dolls

Hobbies – Collecting Christmas decorations

About – Tiramisu love Christmas! In-fact, she wishes it could be Christmas every day. Her dream is to ride with Father Christmas in his sleigh and help him to deliver all the childrens presents.

IMG_2529Name – Pumpkin

Adopted From – Simone Albergaria

Hobbies – Sticking stickers everywhere

About – Pumpkin can’t help getting into trouble but she is always very sorry and wishes she wasn’t so naughty!

Name – Squirrel IMG_2534

Adopted From – Ris Ras

Hobbies – Reading

About – Squirrel loves collecting things and squirrelling them away. She also spends a lot of time reading Agatha Christie stories. One day she would like to be a secret detective.