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In a house with so many girls there needs to be a place for everything! Every nook and cranny has been filled, every drawer over flowing, and every clothes rail bowing.

I have a secret staircase where I stash all the girls’ things. This is a real treasure trove and fills me with delight every time I’m in there.

With a house full of girls comes a house full of little furry friends. Hardly a day goes by where the girls don’t bring in a stray cat or dog off of the street and of course these need a home too.


All the little furry friends sit on a shelf so they can see what’s going on. They don’t like to be locked away and most of the time they’re not sitting on the shelf at all but getting dragged into all sorts of mischief with the girls!





Most of the girls’ clothes and shoes have an old fashioned look to them so I like to store everything in old vintage cabinets and drawers. These little drawers are perfect for neatly storing shoes because of all the compartments! In the top drawer I store all the girl’s 1950’s Barbie Ballerina tutus and bags.

Amongst the girls’ things I keep all my haberdashery which I’ve collected for years. Silk ribbons, vintage cotton reals, silk threads and cards of antique lace! The list goes on and on!

These things are such a feast for the eyes that I like to keep them on display where I can see and admire them.






These old office drawers are perfect for storing the girls’ socks, hats, bags, shoes … All those little things that can easily get lost!

I can just stuff them all in the draw and not worry about being too neat!




All the girls’ clothes are hung on rails that I’ve attached to old shelves picked up from flea markets and second hand shops. These make perfect wardrobes… Not only are they practical but they make the most wonderful display. After all the clothes are so beautiful why hide them away?!