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I’ve been wanting to take a picture of my whole family of girls for some time but as you can imagine its quite a challenge to get them all in a picture without it looking a mess. The inspiration for this picture came from the street parties held in England normally to celebrate a royal occasion such as the Queens Carnation or Jubilee.



This picture would enable me to get all the girls in in an organised chaos… haha… If you know what I mean! My starting point was the long table and bench. I used two 240cm (94 inches) long pieces of wood for the benches and a plank the same length for the table. I propped the table up with two cylinder containers at each end. I’m not very good at DIY so i made the job as basic as possible!


I then put elastic bands down the lengths of the benches to keep the girls in place and crochet needles to help position them at certain angles.





I had to take the picture looking down over the girls in order to get their faces in… some looking up and some looking away in the most natural way as possible.




It took so long to set up that by the time I was finished it was too dark to take the picture so I had to wait for the following day!!

The funnest part of setting up this picture was setting the table! As soon as the table cloth was on and the places were set it looked just like a real dinner setting! Im always looking out for props so I had a nice collection of cutlery and crockery for everyone to have a sitting. I cut up some small carrots and added peas to the table to make it look more realistic!